KIPS provides you with an affordable Cyber Security solution that rivals some of the very best in the country.

What we provide you with is some Next-Gen Security Appliances that are configured to your network specifications to protect against outside (internet) threats as well as internal (local) virus traffic. These high-end appliances gives us the flexibility to block entire countries from attacking you as well as the ability to contain and eliminate any virus that is currently on your network – and all without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars!

KIPS really is a unique system that gets you the protection you need for the budget you can afford from a team of professionals that you can rely on!

KIPS Features:
· KIPS Next-Gen Firewall Security Appliances
· KIPS Network Web & Content Filtering
· KIPS Network Virus Protection
· KIPS Network Virus Containment
· KIPS Security “Day Zero” License
· KIPS 24/7 Network Threat Monitoring
Other Reasons to go with KIPS:
Save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by never having to buy another next-gen security appliance again!
Optional KIPS Add-on Services:
Other Cyber-Security Services Available such as HIPPA Compliant Secured Email, FOIA Compliant Email Archiving, Local and Cloud Backup, Local Antivirus, Freezing Technologies, Cyber-Security Awareness Classes and more!

*Other terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us for a FREE consultation today!

Office: (903) 689-3180
Email: Service@Kaybrotech.com

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