Why Choose Kaybro?

13 Reasons Why Our Clients Love Us.

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  1. Kaybro Technologies has been in business since 2008 and has over 75 years of combined experience among our technicians.
  2. We are professional but also PERSONAL! Certified, experienced and FBI vetted for CJIS audits, we bring professionalism to our clients, but we also find ourselves making lifelong friends with many of our work associates!
  3. We are the “One Stop Shop” for County Government entities in Northeast Texas. Whether you need protection, administration, or new computer hardware or software, we have the personnel, systems and the tools to accommodate your various needs
  4. We strive to simplify technology for you so that you’re able to understand and make informed decisions for the future of your computer network.
  5. We’ve got excellent experience. Our experience and knowledge base has been dedicated to Government Information Technology (IT) for over 10 years.
  6. We are already very familiar with most all County and Municipal software systems (NET Data, Tyler Technologies, Laserfiche, RVI, TLETS, Anthem, etc.) which make for a seamless transition!
  7. We operate from a “Team Approach”, which allows for multiple problems to be solved simultaneously and therefore quicker. This mitigates downtime for your employees and allows your money to stretch far beyond what it could with one or two full time technicians. Say no to paying insurance fees and sick days by hiring our TEAM rather than an individual.
  8. We are an ACTIVE support company. We do not wait on you to call us for problems (reactive), rather we are ACTIVELY working to prevent problems from ever occurring.
  9. Our rates are simple and affordable. Our rates are fixed based on how many computers you have (as opposed to hourly – which often results in overspending) so that you know exactly where your money is being spent and what that includes. This makes budgeting much easier and accurate!
  10. We can save you time and money because we have experience from working with other Texas Counties, Cities and Businesses, which can help your department-heads weigh the pros and cons and reduce the risk of trial and error before spending a single cent.
  11. We often work after hours so you don’t have to. Keeping your network infrastructure online and secure 24/7 is mission critical to us.  We prefer to implement most critical updates off-hours, so our Counties stay online and fully operational during regular hours of operation.
  12. We prepare for the future. At Kaybro Technologies we understand not only how to resolve immediate issues, but also what needs to be implemented in order to prepare for the future. This protects you from serious threats such as hackers and other malicious attacks against your network while simultaneously providing an upgrade path for future network expansion and growth.
  13. We have been working in your neighboring Counties for years! For further assurance simply contact one of our existing customers and verify it for yourself!

Thank you for your interest in us, we look forward to working with you!
Office Telephone: 903.689.3180

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